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DIFI.Net carries out LabVIEW and other trainings for engineers in English.

Nowadays, automation is concerning every industrial company, either involved in the design or manufacturing of machines or plants, in the management of public utilities or in the marketing of goods of any kind. It is therefore a must to learn the fundamentals required to understand the language of automation, to master the basic concepts and to know how correctly select the best products or solutions for the special requirements of the single company.
We do trainings in our office or in customer meeting rooms on demand. Trainings on sight  working place are frequently asked option from EMS companies. Of course, it is not a good idea to bother a trainee and usually the training goes without interruption. But for management is better to know, that key specialists are nearby production line. We are coming to any places in Baltic States.
Five one-day courses that follow a logical learning sequence. Anybody can attend one or more courses on the basis of his own requirements, because the single courses have been conceived as stand-alone modules. On request I can select other topics to be added to the basic path to obtain a more complete and customized learning frame.
  1. Basics of Industrial Automation 
  2. Technologies for Automatic Identification Components, applications, benefits
  3. Industrial Controllers: PLCs, PACs, Industrial PCs  Features and components
  4. From Fieldbus to Industrial Networks  How to allow multiple devices to effectively communicate
  5.  Introduction to Supervision of Machines and Manufacturing Plants Industrial automation at its highest level.

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