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New technologies

High Density Outlet Technology


You've never seen anything like this before. Introducing the HDOT™ (High Density Outlet Technology, Patent Pending). High power densities and reduced cabinet space require new and innovative products like Server Technology’s own patented outlet technology that provides industry standard C13 and C19 outlets in a drastically reduced footprint. The highest possible outlet density available in a network connected PDU.  Up to 42 C13’s in a 42U high by 1U wide device.


Additional features include high native cord retention that eliminates the need for custom and costly ancillary locking cord devices.  Manufactured with robust high temperature materials carrying a UL94 V-0 flame rating makes these outlets ideally suited for harsh data center environments. To order the HDOT PDU go to STIs Build Your Own PDU configurator. HDOT technology is available in Metered and Smart PDUs.


PRO2: the next evolutionary step in PDU design  (Video 7:16)

The PRO2 has a flexible firmware platform that can expand upon and meet future needs of customers. It has a new faster hardware platform with additional memory and offers a complete solution for uptime and availability including features like a hot swappable network card that can be replaced under power. The PRO2 is ideal for those who will be utilizing the PDU in particularly high-density, high temperature, and high-security applications.

The PRO2 is offered in single-phase 208/230V, three-phase 208V, and three-phase 400/415V in 20-30/16-32A builds of Switched and Switched POPS 30-outlet PDUs.

Benefits of the PRO2

Minimal Space Required

  • Because cabinets vary in size, the last thing a user needs is a PDU that takes up too much space. The PRO2 is very shallow and therefore won’t interfere with servers and any other devices within the cabinet. The architecture allows for future expansion and flexibility.

Power Flexibility

  • The PRO2 makes power available from the link unit to the master unit. For example, if the master lost power, the network interface would still be available to the user and they would still have the ability to access the interface of the device.
    • Linking Capability: The PRO2 uses a unique master link configuration for up to four units. Just one unit has the computer, so the other link units end up being less expensive.

Alerts and Alarms

  • The PRO2 provides multi-level alerts for key power information and rising loads resulting in the user being notified if there’s a problem before it occurs.

Monitoring Ability

  • A little over half of the power used in the data center is used within the cabinet. Because of this, users really need to be able to monitor their devices. The PRO2 allows the user to monitor for both power and environmental usage.

Higher Temperature Capacity

  • Inlet temperatures are getting a lot warmer as users are looking to increase efficiency within the data center. As a result of this, outlet temperatures where the PRO2 unit is installed continue to increase. Higher temperatures and increased density test performance has become vital for users and the PRO2 has been rate