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About Server Technology

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Server Technology, Inc. offers power distribution products and solutions for data centers, telecommunications operations and branch offices. It is headquartered in Reno, Nevada. They have offices located in the United Kingdom, Germany and Hong Kong.

Over 60,000 customers around the world rely on Server Technology’s cabinet power distribution units (cabinet-level PDUs, or CDUs) and power management solutions to help reduce downtime, facilitate capacity planning, improve energy utilization and drive efficiency.

Server Technology has the largest patent library  for providing power in zero-U and horizontal power distribution unite (PDU) configurations compatible with today’s racks and dense compute infrastructure requirements. They have 48 granted and 54 pending

For over 30 years, Server Technology has been recognized as the global leader of intelligent power distribution products and solutions for data centers and telecommunications operations. Over 60,000 customers rely on Server Technology’s cabinet power distribution units (cabinet-level PDUs) and power management solutions. Our best in breed PDU’s, award winning power management solution, and dedicated customer support are why 97 percent of our customers buy from Server Technology again and again

New technologies

High Density Outlet Technology


You've never seen anything like this before. Introducing the HDOT™ (High Density Outlet Technology, Patent Pending). High power densities and reduced cabinet space require new and innovative products like Server Technology’s own patented outlet technology that provides industry standard C13 and C19 outlets in a drastically reduced footprint. The highest possible outlet density available in a network connected PDU.  Up to 42 C13’s in a 42U high by 1U wide device.


Additional features include high native cord retention that eliminates the need for custom and costly ancillary locking cord devices.  Manufactured with robust high temperature materials carrying a UL94 V-0 flame rating makes these outlets ideally suited for harsh data center environments. To order the HDOT PDU go to STIs Build Your Own PDU configurator. HDOT technology is available in Metered and Smart PDUs.


PRO2: the next evolutionary step in PDU design  (Video 7:16)

The PRO2 has a flexible firmware platform that can expand upon and meet future needs of customers. It has a new faster hardware platform with additional memory and offers a complete solution for uptime and availability including features like a hot swappable network card that can be replaced under power. The PRO2 is ideal for those who will be utilizing the PDU in particularly high-density, hig