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DIFI.Net was founded in 2005 as IT solutions creator and provider  to help  our customers
be more successful in business.

The name DIFI.Net coded DIFFUSION of Infotechnology. That means 'Hardware and Software IT products and solution spreading and deploying, as much as possible'.

The enterprise creation idea was Info technology tools development and       applying it for reducing     Human Factor disambiguation. It’s transformed to our mission and motto“INFORMATION DIFFUSION”.

It is fully reflecting the company's specialization in products distribution for education, engineering and     production with local technical support and trainings. DIFI.NET portfolio consists of products, which is     possible to use in design, prototyping & project deploying in ICT,Electronics and Automation sectors. 

Our company's activity doesn't limit itself with Estonia  - we receive orders and collaborating with     companies and their branches from other Baltic countries and closest neighbours of Estonia: Finland,     Russia.

What is "diffusio"? Here's an extract from a dictionary. Diffusion: \Dif*fu"sion\, n. [L. diffusio: cf. F. diffusion.]: The act of diffusing, or the state of being diffused; a spreading; extension; dissemination; circulation; dispersion. Also: The natural tendency of molecules to move out of areas of high concentration into areas of low concentration until a solution or gas has a uniform concentration of the molecules.